The term ‘prepreg’ defines a reinforcing tape or a reinforcing fabric pre-impregnated with a resin system. Kordsa, as a global player, serves to the composite industry manufacturing epoxy, hybrid, cyanate ester, polyvinyl butyral (PVB), phenolic and modified phenolic prepregs with different reinforcement matrices such as carbon, glass, aramid and hybrid.

Kordsa provides an extensive product portfolio for industrial, automotive, defense and aviation industries. The products can be also categorized according to their service temperatures so as their glass transition temperatures. Being aware of the customer needs, Kordsa provides autoclave, press and oven curable prepregs.

Kordsa offers both structural, semi structural and visual prepregs for different applications at the desired toughening and tackiness levels. Kordsa’s diversified product range includes fast cure prepregs which are hot moldable and hot de-moldable, significantly reducing tact times for automotive industry. Additionally, it provides special prepregs for fatigue and low fire smoke toxicity (FST) requiring applications. Kordsa with an extensive knowledge on aramid fiber processing for many years, it also supplies ballistic prepregs. 

  Tg   Recommended Curing Method  
Resin Code Low Tg
120-150 oC
Mid Tg
150-180 oC
High Tg Above
180 oC
Chemical Structure Press Autoclave Oven Usage Area Misc
EF 13 - - - PVB   Ballistic Applications, Hard Body Armor High Toughness, High Energy Transfer
OM 12 120     Epoxy     Structural Opaque White when cured, OOA Moldable
OM 11 130     Epoxy   Structural; fatigue applications Translucent when cured, good fatigue performance
OM 10 140     Epoxy   Structural Composites, Al Sandwich Panels High toughness , Opaque White When Cured, Tacky Version is Available
OM 13 120     Epoxy Structural, visual Translucent when cured, Tacky Version is Available
KY 01SF 137     Higly filled modified Epoxy Sandable surfacing film Autoclave curable, sandable, Class A giving surfacing film.
KY 02SF**   170   Higly filled modified Epoxy     Sandable surfacing film Autoclave curable, sandable, structural surfacing film.
CM 11   150   Epoxy     Visual composites, Semi Structural Fast Isothermally Press Curable, Class A Surface quality for painting, Hot Demoldable
EF 12     220 Epoxy   High Tg required applications, Primary/Secondary aircraft structures, Engines, Helicopters High damage tolerance and good impact resistance
AV10AF** 120     Highly modified and filled epoxy matrix   Adhesive film prepreg Adhesive film prepreg for metal-metal, metal-thermoset, thermoset-thermoset, thermoset-honeycomb bonding applications
KY14** 120     Bio-based Aerospace, Rail, Flame reterdant Outstanding FST performance for FAR/CS 25.853 and EN 45545-2 HL3

*Limited shelf lifes
** Soon to be released


Kordsa produces woven based PP and PA thermoplastic prepregs. Matrices of the fiber based thermoplastic composite such as PP and PA have already been used notably in automotive, industrial, sports and leisure industries thanks to their cost saving and light weighting properties as well as being  easy to process with  the low processing temperature and pressure.

Kordsa’s product range for polymer matrices is PP and PA6.6. The resin systems are specially formulated by Kordsa, which has excellent compatibility with reinforcing fibers such as E-glass or carbon. Prepreg is available as sheets with maximum dimensions of 1.2 m x 1.2 m. Laminates are usually produced from one to four layers depending on customer requirements.

Kordsa’s woven glass fabric based PP thermoplastic prepreg exhibit 25% better flexural properties compared to its counterparts.

Typical features which we supply in the standard products:

  • High stiffness
  • High toughness
  • Shorter manufacturing cycles
  • No need for cold storage
  • Recycling potential

Polymer Type


Fabric Type

Fiber Volume Content (%)

Processing Temperature (oC)

Number of Layers

Usage Area

High crystalline polypropylene (PP)

E-glass, carbon




1 to 4*

Sports & Leisure, Automotive

Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6)

E-glass, carbon




1 to 4*

Sports & Leisure, Automotive

*Number of layers can be changed depending on customer requirements.