Slit Tape & Towpreg


Kordsa’s slit tape and towpreg products are designed for automated fiber placement (AFP) or for machine-supported winding techniques used in the preparation of round, cylindrical and rectangular 3D vessels and structures. These high precision narrow width products are mainly used to improve passenger safety, enhance fuel efficiency, reduce waste, all the while enabling lower cost, higher performance and more environmentally-benign transportation. By offering these products Kordsa is placing sustainability at the core of its activities. Compared to traditional composite counterparts, these products are designed to withstand high temperatures, enabling their use in transportation applications including electric, compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen-powered aircraft and vehicles.

Style Fabric Weight [gsm] (min. - max. Fiber Types Width [inches] Value Proposition Market / Applications
UD Slit Tape 132 – 200 3K / 12 K / 24K 1/2’’ – 1/4’’ – 1/8’’  Optimal
impregnation, highly
precise areal weight
and width
High Pressure Vessels,
Driveshafts, Mandrels,
Masts, Golfshafts, Pole &
Towpreg N/A 12K / 24K N/A Optimal
impregnation, stable
tow width, wrinklefree