UD fabrics are appropriate for producing components requiring predominant strength and stiffness, mainly in one direction. In order to meet customer’s needs for different applications, KORDSA has wide range of product portfolio for UD fabrics. According to customer’s demand, fabric weft direction is filled with thermoplastic or E glass yarns. Areal weight range starts from 120 gr/m2 to 1000 gr/m2.

Style Fiber Areal Weight
Warp Density
KCF3K UD180 CF 3K 180 8,8  
KCF6K UD200 CF 6K 200 4,9  
KCF12K UD200 CF 12K 200 2,4  
KCF12K UD300 CF 12K 300 3,6  
KCF12K UD400 CF 12K 400 5,0  
KCF24K UD650 CF 24K 650 3,7  
KCF50K UD1000 CF 50K 1000 2,7  


Fabric Code Fiber Areal Weight
Weaving Style Warp Density
Weft Density
KCF2412K TW800 U CF 24K 800 2X2 Twill 4,5 1,0