Noncrimp - Leno Fabrics


Non-crimp fabrics, are made up of multiple layers of unidirectional fibers, with each ply placed in a different orientation or axis, hence this fabric style also called as multi-axial. KORDSA multiaxial fabrics are consist of 0˚- 90˚ unidirectional carbon fiber layers and the areal weights are 200 gr/m2 and 400gr/m2

Fabric Code Warp yarn Warp Density
Weft Yarn Weft Density
Areal Weight
Weaving Style TDS
KCF6K NC200 CF 6K 2,5 CF 6K 2,5 200 0/90  
KCF12K NC400 CF 12K 2,5 CF 12K 2,5 400 0/90