KORDSA hybrid fabrics have different weight and compositions based on customer’s special project requirements. Hybrid fabrics are consist of wide variety of different fibers, such as combination of carbon-aramid, carbon-S glass and carbon-E glass in varying proportions in warp and weft directions.

Fabric Code Warp yarn Warp Density
Weft yarn Weft Density
Areal Weight (g/m2) Weaving Style TDS
KCA6K336 PL221 CF 6K 3,0 AR 3360dtex 3,0 221 Plain  
KCA6K336 PL265 CF 6K 3,6 AR 3360dtex 3,6 265 Plain  
KCA6K336 TW265 CF 6K 3,6 AR 3360dtex 3,6 265 2X2 Twill  
KCG6K410 PL243 CF 6K 3,0 S-Glass 3,0 243 Plain  
KCG6K410 PL284 CF 6K 3,5 E-Glass 3,5 284 Plain  
KCG6K410 PL292 CF 6K 3,6 E-Glass 3,6 292 Plain  
KCG6K410 TW292 CF 6K 3,6 E-Glass 3,6 292 2X2 Twill