Carbon balanced fabrics are made with same weight and number of carbon fibers for both weft and warp directions. Since the choice of weave pattern has significant influence on final mechanical properties of the component, KORDSA  fabrics are produced in three different weaving pattern such as twill, plain and satin with best quality in order to meet end user product’s technical needs. Areal weight range of KORDSA carbon balanced fabrics is 120 gr/m2 to 1000 gr/m2.

Fabric Code Fiber Areal Weight
Weaving Style TDS
KCF1K PL120 CF 1K 120 Plain  
KCF1K TW150 CF 1K 150 2X2 Twill  
KCF3K PL160 CF 3K 160 Plain  
KCF3K PL193 CF 3K 193 Plain  
KCF3K PL200 CF 3K 200 Plain  
KCF3K TW200 CF 3K 200 2X2 Twill  
KCF3K PL224 CF 3K 224 Plain  
KCF3K TW245 CF 3K 245 2X2 Twill  
KCF3K TW285 CF 3K 285 2X2 Twill  
KCF3K 4H285 CF 3K 285 4H Satin  
KCF6K TW280 CF 6K 280 2X2 Twill  
KCF6K 4H380 CF 6K 380 4H Satin  
KCF6K TW410 CF 6K 410 2X2 Twill  
KCF12K PL400 CF 12K 380 Plain  
KCF12K TW430 CF 12K 430 2X2 Twill  
KCF12K PL480 CF 12K 480 Plain  
KCF12K TW480 CF 12K 480 2X2 Twill  
KCF12K TW600 CF 12K 600 2X2 Twill  
KCF12K TW680 CF 12K 680 2X2 Twill  
KCF24K PL640 CF 24K 640 Plain  
KCF24K TW800 CF 24K 800 2X2 Twill  
KCF24K TW1200 CF 24K 1200 2X2 Twill