Aramid balanced fabrics are made with same weight and number of aramid fibers for both weft and warp directions. KORDSA aramid fabrics are lightweight and have excellent toughness, addition to outstanding ballistic and impact resistance. KORDSA aramid fabrics’ width are 1250mm and Areal weight range starts from 160 gr/m2 to 440 gr/m2.

Fabric Code Fiber Areal Weight
Weaving Style Warp Density
KAF670 PL160 Aramid 670 dtex 160 Plain 12,2  
KAF930 PL200 Aramid 930 dtex 200 Plain 10,6  
KAF3140 PL400 Aramid 3140 dtex 410 Plain 6,4  
KAF3300 PL440 Aramid 3300 dtex 440 Plain 6,7