Composite Reinforcement Technologies


Kordsa develops innovative and unique intermediate products and applications for composites technologies for a variety of industries, notably aerospace, automotive, marine, sports & leisure as well life protection.

With great experience, our experts continue to innovate and optimize material solutions supporting our customers throughout the entire development cycle, from design and certification to production industrialization. Kordsa offers FST prepregs, high precision narrow width slit tapes, Nomex honeycomb sandwich panels and adhesives for special needs of our customers in the aircraft interior and urban air mobility (UAM).

50 years of expertise in automotive industry in the reinforcement technologies places Kordsa’s composite materials at the core of auto manufacturers needs to develop sustainable and efficient mobility systems. Kordsa provides high-performing solutions, extensive knowledge and exceptional customization to facilitate current and next-generation automotive applications. Our product portfolio is designed for the latest automotive trends and includes snap cure, high-fatigue resistance and FST prepregs, cosmetic range materials, surfacing films and adhesive films.

Lightweighting plays an ever more important role in high performance Marine, Sports & Leisure applications. Carbon fibers are the natural choice for the lightweighting of masts, booms, golf clubs and many applications where high performance is required. Kordsa reinforces the marine, sports & leisure industries with our high performance carbon fabrics, high precision narrow width slit tapes with regular or high temperature resin systems, as well as sandwich panel structures for marine interior applications.

In parallel with its strategy of increasing its global market share and expanding its product range, Kordsa has reinforced its position in the composites industry with the acquisitons of major North American Composite players Fabric Development Inc, Textile Products Inc and Advanced Honeycomb Techonologies in 2018; Axiom Materials in 2019 and extended its footprint in Europe with the acquisition of the majority shares of Italian Microtex Composites S.R.L. in 2022. With this acquisition Kordsa adds mainly super-luxury automotive and motorsport along with marine and industrial sector clients to its customer portfolio.