Composite Reinforcement Technologies


Kordsa develops innovative and unique intermediate products and applications for composites technologies for a variety of industries, notably aerospace, aviation and automotive as well as sports equipment and marine.

As being one solution partner, Kordsa serves design, analysis, material library for CAE, prototype production as well as fabric and resin development in accordance with the needs of the customer. Kordsa meets the needs of the composites industry by short lead times and high quality products owing to its state-of-the-art equipment, competent staff, and experience in weaving and coating technologies.

An open innovation hub in the EMEA region

In the EMEA region, Kordsa has a composite manufacturing facility and R&D center located at Composite Technologies Center of Excellence, conjointly established by Kordsa and Sabancı University Producing thermoset prepregs for the aviation, automotive, sports equipment and medical industries, Kordsa boasts a wider product range and more flexible production capabilities thanks to the strength it gains from weaving its own fabric. Kordsa’s manufacturing facility at Composite Technologies Center of Excellence also has AS9100 certification.

Serving as an open innovation hub and hosting Kordsa’s R&D Center, Composite Technologies Center of Excellence brings the designers, engineers, production process managers and doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty members, and incubators/entrepreneurs under the same roof. Thanks to this collaborative ecosystem, Kordsa off­ers tailor-made services to its customers by involving the stakeholders in all stages of research and development, from basic research to the production of a prototype and finally, to mass production.

As an output of R&D efforts at our composite R&D center, Kordsa achieved an innovation that increases production speed in automotive industry. Kordsa’s new resin technology reduced the curing time to 3 minutes. Its fast curing cycle, preforming and hot de-moldable nature are especially optimized for mass production at automotive industry.

Kordsa reinforcing its position in North America

Kordsa’s business journey today is brought to a new level with brand-new investments which will lead the company to become a global player in the field of commercial aviation.

In parallel with its strategy of increasing its global market share and expanding its product range Kordsa acquired two major players of the composite industry in the US, Fabric Development Inc (FDI) and Textile Products Inc. (TPI) as well as San Diego-based Advanced Honeycomb Technologies (AHT). TPI has been an industry leader in developing a variety of weaving techniques including the ability to handle fragile, difficult to weave yarns, along with techniques to produce Polar Weaves, Fluted Core and Bias Fabrics. Manufacturing over 2,000 different style fabrics in a wide range of widths and thicknesses, FDI has extensive experience in working with high performance fibers, creating multi-dimensional complex shapes and understanding sophisticated fiber systems as well as producing high performance materials. Both FDI and TPI provide advanced composite fabric products to the aerospace and commercial aviation industry in the US. Advanced Honeycomb Technologies provides a wide range of honeycomb core for aviation and aerospace industries. With these new acquisitions, Kordsa took a major step towards reinforcing its position in the North America.

Reinforcing every 2 out of 3 aircraft tires and every 1 out of 3 car tires with tire reinforcement technologies, Kordsa, with these acquisitions in the US, is now capable of reinforcing also the wings, hulls and interior of these aircrafts.