Kordsa developed prepregs to be used in hard ballistic plates/inserts for vehicle protection and helmets for body protection to provide protection against non-deformable projectiles (fragments), deformable projectiles (bullets) and blunt impacts. These prepregs, comprised of high-tenacity aramid fibers and a phenolic/PVB based resins, will provide protection in such environments. It is particularly suited for helmet, vehicle armour and ceramic backing applications.

Recommended curing conditions are temperatures between 165°C and 175°C, and pressures between 10 and 50 bar for optimal performances. Typical curing times are 15-25 minutes and parts do not require cooling before demolding. The prepreg is compatible for vacuum-bag, platen press, and autoclave processes. For hard ballistic purposes, each customers should run some trials to establish their own proprietary processing conditions.