Kordsa developed a broad range of strong, lightweight and low fire smoke toxicity products to be used in both primary and secondary aircraft structures. The products show high stiffness, good impact resistance and the required thermal performance. Kordsa provides both 120 °C and 180 °C curable epoxy prepregs for aviation industry which can be supplied with any kind of unidirectional (UD) and woven carbon or glass fabrics. Kordsa’s epoxy products are made with toughened matrix and the prepregs obtained thereof show excellent drape as well as tack. The highest glass transition temperature reached with epoxy products (EF 12) is above 240 °C. Kordsa’s product portfolio also includes cyanate ester prepreg with good dimensional stability and high temperature resistance (CM 13) with Tg of 250 °C. The products offered for the aerospace industry are mainly tailored for autoclave curing.

Kordsa is able to supply a range of epoxy prepregs with adjustable toughness and glass transition temperature. The formulation is house-made and compatible with different brand carbon fibers. Kordsa’s off-line process methodology and high precision equipment offer very accurate impregnation level for aerospace industry. The company formulates hot melt resin system decreases the chemical volatility providing void-free laminates. Besides the company hardly works on low FST resin systems for aerospace interior. In addition to epoxy products with low FST properties, Kordsa with more than 40 years of experience in phenolic chemistry, provides phenolic prepregs for aerospace interior. Cyanate esters prepregs not only offer excellent FST properties but also high service temperatures. Since the resin system is volatile-free and low gas permeable, the composite parts are not porous. With high Tg and excellent FST, cyanate ester product is ideal for aerospace industry.