News Releases


Global reinforcement leader Kordsa’s company in Indonesia Thai Indo Kordsa, has been honorably awarded the Excellent Establishment on Labour Relations and Welfare for 10 consecutive years. Thailand Ministry of Labor presents the award to acknowledge companies’ efforts operating in Indonesia for their outstanding labor relations management and employee welfare level.

For the 10th time in a row, Kordsa received the “Excellent Establishment on Labour Relations and Welfare” award from Thailand Ministry of Labor which honors companies operating in Indonesia for their practices in managing labor relations and employee welfare.

Thai Indo Kordsa, the company of Kordsa operating with human-oriented approach in 12 production facilities across 5 countries, received the award at the Business Relations Excellence Award Ceremony. Thai Indo Kordsa’s Managing Director Ozgur Kaya and Executive Director Yuthana Vipasawad received the award from Thailand Permanent Secretary of Labor Suthi Sukosol.